CAD or Hand-Drawn Designs for a Kitchen?

When designing a kitchen, it is possible to have a hand-drawn or a CAD design. There are benefits to both, so how do you know what you should choose?

In general, a CAD design is going to have more benefits. It can be very accurate, and will give you more of an idea of how your finished kitchen will be laid out and how it will look. It is more interactive, so for people who cannot envisage how a kitchen will look, it can be a very useful tool.

The issue with CAD comes if you have a more unusual design or kitchen shape, as the limitations could end up meaning the kitchen shape isn’t accurately represented. In this instance, a hand-drawn design might allow you to see the intricacies in the design. The issue comes when you need to make alterations, as it can take a lot longer than a CAD kitchen design.