Choosing a New Fridge

A new refrigerator is an exciting chance for you to select something that looks distinctive and that will be an aesthetic enhancement for your kitchen – as well as performing the essential functions of a refrigerator, of course! Modern fridges are very design led and come in a range of designs and colours – they are made to be seen, and are much more than just a place to store your food.

The retro look fridge freezer is very popular at the moment, adding a touch of nostalgic beauty to a kitchen. You will often see these called American fridge freezers – they’re big and bulky, with a bold design. An American fridge freezer makes a statement and will look great in kitchens of all shapes and sizes if you have room!

Another popular option is to have an integrated fridge and freezer, so it will use the same frontals as your kitchen, giving a sleek an unified appearance.