How To Make Great Toast On a Stovetop!

Not everyone has space for a toaster in their kitchen but this doesn’t mean you can’t make great toast. Why not use a stovetop? Below are two great ways to make stovetop toast.

There are two ways to make great stovetop toast: low and slow, or high and fast. This all depends on the type of bread you are using.

  1. Rustic loaves like thick-cut sourdough are best for the low and slow method so you get that crisp outside and chewy inside.
  2. Fluffy breads like challah are best for the high and fast method so you get the caramelised outside but maintain a fluffier centre.

I’ll give you the method I use for low and slow toast below. For the faster method, follow the instructions below, but crank up the heat and flip the bread after a minute.