Kitchen Design Quiz

If you’re just not sure what you should do with your kitchen, our handy quiz is here to help. Go through each of the questions and select the answer that is most relevant to you, then check your results at the end.

What kind of home do you live in?

  1. A terraced or semi-detached house.
  2. A farmhouse or country cottage.
  3. A new build.
  4. A flat.

Do you like cooking?

  1. Yes! I love cooking good, hearty meals from scratch.
  2. I enjoy baking.
  3. Sometimes, but I’m too busy to cook all the time.
  4. Not really. I’d prefer to have a decent coffee machine.


Choose a colour scheme:

  1. Cream, stone and grey.
  2. Light pastel colours.
  3. Shiny blacks and whites.
  4. Bold and bright.

Select a feature:

  1. A kitchen dining area.
  2. Island units.
  3. Integrated handle units.
  4. A boiling water tap.

What is you biggest fear about choosing a new kitchen?

  1. It will begin to look old-fashioned too quickly.
  2. It won’t look pretty enough.
  3. It won’t look stylish.
  4. It won’t include enough storage.

Of these appliances, which is non-negotiable?

  1. A gas hob.
  2. A range cooker.
  3. A shiny American fridge freezer.
  4. A combination microwave.

What kind of sink do you like best?

  1. Granite composite.
  2. Belfast.
  3. Stainless steel.
  4. Undermount.

Select a worktop material:

  1. Laminate.
  2. Solid oak.
  3. Granite.
  4. Mirror chip quartz.

The Results:

Mostly 1: You should choose a classic kitchen. You want your kitchen to have longevity and to look good for years to come. Quite right too – a kitchen is a real investment. By choosing classic, timeless colours and making the space as practical and useful as possible, you will create a kitchen that is going to serve you well long into the future.

Mostly 2: You should choose a traditional kitchen. The farmhouse look will work beautifully in your home. Think range cookers, shaker units, tiled walls and Belfast sinks to find your perfect aesthetic. Traditional island units and oak tables look stunning in large kitchens, whereas smaller kitchens can maximise on storage and workspace with wicker baskets and wooden worktops.

Mostly 3: You should choose a modern kitchen. Appearance is key for you. Modern kitchens have clean lines, no clutter and a high-end appearance, which will suit you down to the ground. Choose stainless steel or black appliances to suit your lifestyle and to fit in with the look of your home.

Mostly 4: You should choose a high-tech kitchen. Chances are, space is valuable to you and you’re concerned that you won’t be able to fit everything in. Never fear – many accessories and appliances are now fully integrated. Choose anything from pan drawer recycling bins to combination microwaves and warming drawers without them imposing on your precious work surfaces.