Light Or Dark – Which Worktop Colour To Choose

When choosing what worktops to have in your kitchen, one of the main decisions you are going to need to make is whether to go light or dark! This can be hard to choose between, with a lot of the material choices coming in both light and dark shades, so which should you choose?

Both shades come with their issues. Thinking about these will help you to decide what shade to go with.

Let’s begin with light shades. Whilst these can be stunning, they do come with one major issue. This is dirt. Spillages and any dirt left behind from cooking will be seen. This will make it easier to clean but can be annoying for some.

What about dark shades? The main issues with these are scratches. If you do not protect the worktop, darker shades will show up any scratches made. These can not be removed and will be there for life.