Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If you’re looking for a new and revolutionary way to open your wine bottles, the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener Pro Series is just the gadget you need.

You can entertain your guests easily as you open wine bottles all at the touch of a button with no fuss; the opener can open 40 bottles at a time on a single charge. It includes a small profile base for recharging, with an LED status indicator, and a handy foil cutter to remove wine seals.

The Electric wine bottle opener has been designed for home and restaurant use, with a lightweight cordless design that fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the ergonomic design.

Because the design is light-wight and ergonomic it is well suited for those who have difficulty handling traditional bottle openers, and opening wine bottle; this gadget makes it simple and easy to use for anybody without causing injury to those with limited physical strength, or the use of a single arm.