Stainless Steel Cookware

It may be time to invest in some new cookware and other items to match for the kitchen, and even cutlery sets for your kitchen if you have a theme that matches well with stainless steel cookware, kitchen items, and kitchen appliances with a stainless steel finish.

If you are looking for something towards the high end at a reasonable price, then you should have a look at the stainless steel cookware set available online from Karcher Jasmin. The set has over 20-Pieces, consisting of a set of saucepans with 5 different pot sizes (14cm + 16cm + 18cm + 20cm + 22 cm), a 22cm braising frying pan, and a matching glass lid for every pot. There are also 4 stainless steel bowls (13cm +15cm +18cm + 20cm) with lockable lids, plus a few extras such as a roasting pot and 4 Bowls.

The pots are high quality stainless steel with a modern and stylish look, and can be used for an induction hob.

You can pick them up from Amazon for about £74, and even find similar kitchen items to match there too.